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Company History

Philadelphia-based distillery Naoj & Mot, Inc is redefining traditional lemoncellos in America. Joan Verratti, CEO and President of the company, founded Naoj & Mot in 2006 after realizing her hobby of making Italian-American liqueurs had the potential to become a successful business. After much trial-and-error, Verratti narrowed her line down to ten distinct flavors – five water based and five creams.

Verratti describes the process of making her products by using an Italian phrase, “dalle mie mani al tuo cuore,” which translates into English as, “from my hands to your heart.” This is more than just a sentiment for Verratti, who makes each bottle by hand in small batches to ensure optimal quality. This Pennsylvania-based distillery creates artisan liquors; each product contains no more than five locally-sourced ingredients, including water, sugar, pure grain alcohol and various fruits or chocolates.

Over the last eight years, Verratti has perfected her recipes and is working to expand her line of Liqueurs to up 18 water-based and cream-based flavors.

Verratti has Pollyodd Lemoncello and Pollyodd Chocolatecello in over 100 Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) stores in and around the Philadelphia area and looks for more distribution throughout the state in the coming months. As a South Philadelphia native, it was only natural that Verratti open a store at 1908 E Passynk Avenue in South Philadelphia where customers can shop for specialty flavors. With this store, Verratti becomes the first Non-PLCB retail Liquor store in the state to go along with her being the first female owned Distillery in the country.

Bottles sell for $23.99 in the PLCB stores and from $23 to $26 in the Pollyodd Store for specialty flavors.

Naoj & Mot is truly a labor of love for Verratti, who donates a portion of Pollyodd’s proceeds to fund a scholarship for underprivileged children in memory of her late son, Thomas Joseph. The Thomas J. Verratti III Memorial Scholarship provides tuition support for students to attend Bishop Neumann High School. To date, the scholarship fund has provided nearly $40,000 in tuition support and, as Verratti prepares to formally launch Pollyodd, she hopes that this amount will continue to grow so that “any under-served child in need of support will get the assistance they need.”